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CleanBags - is the answer for the management of the hospital bags

With its two models -CleanBags/M and CleanBags/D- the CleanBags system by ProntoPharma-Europe can satisfy any needs.

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CleanBags/M - empties, rinses and disinfects urine bags in a totally safe way

CleanBags/M is an evolved system specialised in the management of urine bags and can assure both high savings in waste disposal cost and high safety for operators.

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CleanBags/D - opens completely and rinses safely any suction liners, dialysis bags and urine bags

CleanBags/D is a flexible system that can adapt to any hospital bag, save money in the waste disposal process and assure operators safety.

The CleanBags System

CleanBags is an innovative system for the management and treatment of urine bags, liners, dialysis bags, and more generally all hospital bags containing organic and physiological liquids. Clean Bags system provides two variants: CleanBags/M CleanBags/D that will meet the needs found in the hospital sector with flexibility.

CleanBags/M is a specialized device in the treatment of urine bags which allows emptying, rinsing, disinfecting and unloading in the waste basket of the bags in 10-15 seconds in an automatic way, excluding any contact between the operator and the bag and/or liquids contained in it for the entire duration of the process.

CleanBags/D is a versatile device that is able to empty and rinse urine bags, liners and bags for dialysis in 5-7 seconds with the collaboration of the operator, thus minimizing the contact between the operator and the bag and/or liquids contained in it

Both systems allow you to increase the efficiency of hospital activity because the process takes only a few seconds, to bring down the costs of disposal because the bags do not have to be disposed of in full, to ensure safety to the operators because they are no longer required to open the bags by hand through improper tools and the risk of contamination is reduced drastically. Following the links below you can appreciate the attractive features of each of the systems.

Follow the links below to discover the interesting main features of both the systems


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